Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthday Central

Today we had another birthday party but this time it was for one of Kirsi's playgroup friends, Ana, who also turned 2. It was very low-key and very nice. Her mom, Lillian, is a Montessori preschool teacher so we did the birthday celebration the Montessori way. It was super neat. All the kids and moms sat in a circle and Lillian lit a candle in the middle. Then Lillian told a story about a little girl named Ana, from pregnancy to now and along with the story, she showed pictures of Ana throughout her life. It was a special ceremony and very sweet.

The kids also did a little art project. We squirted some shaving cream on the table and mixed some paint in with it. The kids got to smear the shaving cream all over the table and mix the paint in. Then we added different colours to it. Kirsi ended up with purple and loved doing it. All the moms said that she looked so zen mixing her paint and made such a pretty colour. Her favourite part of the activity was making the hand prints on a piece of paper!

Lillian is Mexican so we also had a pinata and the kids had a good time trying to bat it down. Kirsi seemed so shocked that she was actually allowed to hit something with the bat. :) (The rule for her is that she can play with sticks but no hitting anything.) For lunch, we had delicious tostados - yummy!! Kirsi ate probably 3/4 of one herself, which is surprising because she usually doesn't like to eat things that combine foods. And then we had birthday cake. It was a great morning that everyone enjoyed.
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