Monday, April 28, 2008

The Big Week

So, this is it. Moving week. In a way, I'm glad it's here so we can get this process over and done with. But we will miss our place that we're in now. It's a great neighbourhood - quiet, great view, great yard and the house is perfect for us. We got a great deal when we moved here and we really wish that we didn't have to move. But, such is life.

It's going to be a hectic week. I have to continue to hound our current landlady to write a letter for us, saying that we've paid all the owed rent and that the utilities are paid up also. I asked for this letter as soon as the contract was signed two weeks ago but I still haven't gotten it. What a pain! Once we get her permission to leave, then we have to head to the notary to get a paper signed from them. It's only with these two letters/forms that the moving company is legally allowed to move us. Then we have to get a handyman in to do some minor repairs before we leave; so far, I've been stood up three times. What's up with that?! Just my luck, I guess!

We decided to go with the packing service that the moving company offered. I have been having some pain/discomfort with my pelvis and ]the doctor told me to take it easy, especially with the move. We figured we'll be doing plenty of work anyways cleaning and unpacking so we'd get someone else to do the packing for us. On Friday, the packers come to pack up everything and then Saturday morning at 8:30, they'll be here to move us to the new place.

We had a quiet weekend as Der was sick with a nasty flu that he still hasn't fully recovered from. Kirsi and I tried to get out as much as we could so he could rest and we wouldn't be exposed as much to the germs. But the weather was off and on all weekend long. It was very cold on Friday but warmed up on Saturday, thank goodness. Yesterday was cold and then warm, all day long. We've definitely gone from purely fall weather to a fall/winter combo. Fall is just too short here.
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