Saturday, March 08, 2008

What Wacky Weather!

So, we're at the beginning of March, which is the very start of fall here. Normally, the weather stays really nice through April, though you can get some rain and cooler temperatures. Yesterday was a cloudy, cool day and I rather enjoyed it. It was nice to have a break from the normal weather. Actually, Derwin brought up a great point yesterday. He said he liked weather in Manitoba (and this would hold true for Saskatchewan too) because you knew you'd have a few days of, let's say, hot weather in the summer, but that you'd soon have a cooler, maybe even, rainy day thrown in there.

So, we all enjoyed our day in jeans and long sleeves. While we were putting Kirsi to bed, it started to rain. A little odd, but not a huge surprise; people say that you will get an occasional rain once in March here. So, we showed Kirsi what rain was and she thought that was pretty darn neat. But then, just as she had fallen asleep, the storm started. We had the whole thing: thunder, sheet lightning and even hail! And this went on for over an hour. The rain continued on through the night. The sky was dark and almost menacing. It'll be interesting to see what today brings!!

That said, we decided that we need to have an alternative plan for the Easter weekend. We were planning on doing some camping somewhere not too far from Santiago but we have to be ready to cancel that in case of weather like this. There's no way I'm camping in a cold hailstorm! I don't think I'd do that under normal conditions but I'm definitely not doing it pregnant and with a 2-year-old!!
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