Monday, March 17, 2008

House Hunting Sucks!!!

So, we got news last week that we have to move. Our landlady is currently renting another house in a different area of the city but it has been sold. So, she's going to be moving back into this house. We are super disappointed because we love this house, the area and the view. It's perfect for us.

We have started the task of impending doom (or at least that's what it feels like). The school contacted the agent it uses regularly and we've been on a website where different agencies list homes for rent. When we first started, it seemed pretty positive. But after a few days of people not getting back to me and then having houses go before we could even see them, I'm not feeling nearly so optimistic. We saw a couple places on Saturday but neither were great for us. One was totally not child friendly and the other was out of the way for Der to take a bus to work and had an ungated pool. Today, I've just spent another hour doing more searches and trying to find stuff within our budget - not an easy task. We're going to see one house later this afternoon - we'll see what we think of it. There's another one that would be pretty good but I can't get a hold of the agent at all. So, this whole process sucks and I wish either I didn't have to do it or else that it was already done!!

On a happier note, we had a good weekend, though it was super busy. Saturday night we went over to some friends' for a farewell party for friends from our playgroup. It was a great evening and the kids played together really well. All these friends, except for us, are attached to the US Embassy here in Santiago. We've never schmoozed with Embassy people before but since I'm part of their playgroup we now have the opportunity. :)

Then yesterday, Kirsi and I went to an Easter Egg Hunt that a friend organized for another playgroup. She hid eggs around a park at school and everyone brought food for after the hunt. Kirsi had a blast looking for eggs and then running around with all the kids and I enjoyed catching up with some friends that I haven't talked to in a while.

As fun as the weekend was, though, I was exhausted. Der has been doing his master's course from Thursday to Tuesday so he's been super busy with class and work. He managed to come out with us on Saturday but not Sunday. So, I've been full on with Kirsi for a few days now. That, combined with me not sleeping well and being pregnant makes for a very tired me. I know that the final product will be great for Der and for our family and that's what got me through the weekend. If I could only sleep...
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