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The Book Meme

I was tagged by Natch so here we go!

The Book Meme:
1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

1: I'm reading The Friday Night Knitting Club and it was the handiest book.

2-4: A second of thinking, "Thank God I won't have to get an HIV test." Now she just felt dirty. Darwin had never wanted to be just a good girl, but she didn't really want to be bad, either.

5: Jacks, Barb, Kerry, Sharon and Derwin. YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!!!

Like Mommy, Like Daughter

Yesterday, Kirsi and I were out doing some shopping. While we were in Falabella, my cell phone rang. As I was talking on it, I looked over and saw Kirsi. She was pretending to talk on the phone too - she held her hand up to her ear and was walking around, up and down the aisles. She kept saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, si, si, si". How funny! The cashiers were just smiling at her. Kirsi is just too cute!!

Happy Easter!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had a great day today. Kirsi slept in till 7:15 this morning but when she gets up, she's ready to go. We left her Easter basket out so she discovered it right away. She loved her Easter bunny (we let her pick it out earlier), the stickers and the Easter grass. She'd never had gummy bears before so they were a completely new experience. It was so funny watching her eat her first gummy bear. She kept chewing and chewing it. :)

Then it was on to the egg hunt. Kirsi loves eggs so finding Easter eggs in the yard is a big hit. We dyed the eggs yesterday, which she loved, and then the big hunt was this morning. She had a blast finding the eggs and collecting them in her basket.

Here are the links to our photos and videos. If you need the password, just email us.


The Santiago Housing Market


We continued our house hunt this afternoon with little luck. Things, at the moment, are looking a little bleak but hopefully things will pick up. Either the houses are way out of our price range or are very far from school making transportation difficult.

The thing that is shocking to me is that there are 100s, literally hundreds, of brand new, empty houses in our area. They are all for sale but have been sitting empty since we arrived a year and a half ago.

PLUS, they are building 100s more! And that's not to mention the new apartments sprouting up.

I do not understand why these houses are being built when there are so many empty houses now. Someone isn't doing their homework.

Other than that, life is good. We have an extra long, 4 day weekend, which we will enjoy!

Hope you enjoy your Easter weekend!


Almost, but didn't happen

We were so close to getting a house yesterday, so close!! I went and saw it and really liked it. It was at the top of our price range but it was great for us. Enough bedrooms, lots of storage room, pretty close to school for Der. We made the offer and just waited. Then we got a call from the agent...they don't want dogs in the house! If only we'd have known that at the beginning, we wouldn't have even bothered looking at the place. I hate getting my hopes up and then things not working out.

The worst part of it all is that finding a house is the only thing I'm thinking about. I dream about it, I wake up thinking about it and it's in my mind all day. I just want this process done!

House Hunting Sucks!!!

So, we got news last week that we have to move. Our landlady is currently renting another house in a different area of the city but it has been sold. So, she's going to be moving back into this house. We are super disappointed because we love this house, the area and the view. It's perfect for us.

We have started the task of impending doom (or at least that's what it feels like). The school contacted the agent it uses regularly and we've been on a website where different agencies list homes for rent. When we first started, it seemed pretty positive. But after a few days of people not getting back to me and then having houses go before we could even see them, I'm not feeling nearly so optimistic. We saw a couple places on Saturday but neither were great for us. One was totally not child friendly and the other was out of the way for Der to take a bus to work and had an ungated pool. Today, I've just spent another hour doing more searches and trying to …


Holy smokes, this is what was on our back terrace tonight!!!!

Simba was super intent on something outside for a long time so Derwin decided to see what he was looking at. Well, this was it. I can't believe we had a tarantula in our yard. I'm just happy it wasn't Kirsi who discovered it!

Big news!!

Today, we went for our big 22 week (though I'm at 24 weeks) ultrasound. This was where they checked all the baby's organs and development to make sure everything is going well. The good news is that the baby is healthy and everything looks good both with Baby and me. Yay!

And the biggest news of all...we decided to find out what gender the baby is. WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!!

Derwin's choices of names are Batman, Spiderman, Hercules or Zeus. What do you think? I'm obviously not in agreement but maybe I'm just too darn serious. ;)

What Wacky Weather!

So, we're at the beginning of March, which is the very start of fall here. Normally, the weather stays really nice through April, though you can get some rain and cooler temperatures. Yesterday was a cloudy, cool day and I rather enjoyed it. It was nice to have a break from the normal weather. Actually, Derwin brought up a great point yesterday. He said he liked weather in Manitoba (and this would hold true for Saskatchewan too) because you knew you'd have a few days of, let's say, hot weather in the summer, but that you'd soon have a cooler, maybe even, rainy day thrown in there.

So, we all enjoyed our day in jeans and long sleeves. While we were putting Kirsi to bed, it started to rain. A little odd, but not a huge surprise; people say that you will get an occasional rain once in March here. So, we showed Kirsi what rain was and she thought that was pretty darn neat. But then, just as she had fallen asleep, the storm started. We had the whole thing: thund…

More videos of our trip to Southern Chile

One of the most beautiful side trips on our trip down south was a visit to the La China falls. Off a gravel road in the foothills of the Andes, this narrow water fall drops to a small pool below. Definitely worth a visit. More of our videos can be found at youtube.

A new Kiva loan

Dana and I just recently loaned money to two people through Kiva. I have to watch myself as I find it very easy to spend a lot of time looking through everyone's profiles. The stories of people in impoverished nations who just want a chance to make a better living and provide for their families is really heartwarming.

This is Alfred who lives in Togo. He's wanting to use the $1000 USD that will be loaned to him to add to the size of his pig shelter. He also wants to start breeding different animals for sale.

$25 from me, combined with money from other loaners, is a small way to help Alfred and his family out. I only wish I could visit him! :)

Illness in the Family

Last week, Derwin had a rough couple days with flu-like symptoms that then turned into a nasty cold. He's feeling better but still isn't 100%. Then Kirsi got the cold a few days later. She's slowly getting better but still isn't done with the stupid thing. I've been doing a great job at fending off the evil thing but today, it got the best of me. I didn't sleep well last night, even though Der took Kirsi duty, and that was what did it. Darn it!! So, I'm now the pathetic looking one that can't taste and doesn't feel like doing a thing.

We decided to do a rotational sleeping arrangement while we're sick. The sick one sleeps downstairs with the door closed so s/he can sleep well. The other one sleeps in the guest room upstairs and takes Kirsi duty in the middle of the night if she wakes up. It seems to be working well so let's hope it keeps working.

Even though she's been sick, Kirsi still has tons of energy. She still wants to pl…