Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kiddie Yoga

Today was our first day back doing kiddie yoga since November! We hosted this afternoon and there were three kids from before and three new ones who joined us. The new kids, who are also younger, weren't quite sure what was going on but hopefully they'll get into it more as they get used to it. We did our same poses that we have been doing for a while to get the kids back into it. Kirsi did pretty well, considering she hasn't been wanting to do yoga with me for quite a while. Maybe this will get her back into the swing of things.

We also made a trip to Los Dominicos, a neat little handicraft market, to buy a gift for someone. We took Kirsi's monkey leash (or her "ee ee") and she wore it the whole time and wanted me to hold the tail. This was the easiest the leash has been - ever! I think she now thinks it's cool to have her monkey with her and she doesn't see it as being contained. Very nice!
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