Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In a big girl's bed now!

We were busy last week picking out a bed for Kirsi and then all the bedding for her new room. The little room next to ours has been perfect for her pack 'n play but would be far too small for a bed so her new room is upstairs. We got her room ready - Der moved her bookshelf up, hung pictures on the wall, we got the blinds up and the closets rearranged. The bed was delivered on Sunday and then yesterday we got the bed rails up.

Yesterday was a tough sleeping day for Kirsi. It took her an hour and a half to go down for her nap (in her crib) and then two hours to go to sleep for the night. Wow! I guess she's had so many changes that she's a little wound up. She did really well once she was down. She only woke up once and I heard her right away so I went up. I rocked her and sang and she was out again in minutes. Then she slept till 7:00, which is quite late for our little Kirsi Bear. When she woke up, she was singing to her Pooh Bear. What a great way to wake up!! So, the night was a success.

Today is the first day that Cecy, our new nana (housekeeper and babysitter), is working for us. Our old nana, Olga, had her baby a couple weeks ago so she'll be off for a while and may not end up coming back to work. And now that I'm tutoring, we need someone steady who will take care of Kirsi. Kirsi has taken to Cecy quite well so that's great because Kirsi tends to be very shy for the first while.

Der has been busy around the house lately. He did most of the work getting Kirsi's new room together, the guest room organized and converting Kirsi's old room to an office. He has to go back to work on Thursday so he's enjoying his last two days of vacation!! And I've been busy tutoring these last few days. My students are slowly getting back into school mode but hopefully me working with them in English the last little while will help the transition. They start back on Monday. And then next week, it's back to our old routine. I'll do mosaics on Mondays, tutoring Tuesdays and Thursdays, scrapbooking Tuesday nights and then kiddie yoga on Wednesday afternoons. And Der has basketball practices on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays so we'll be a busy family!
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