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Kiddie Yoga

Today was our first day back doing kiddie yoga since November! We hosted this afternoon and there were three kids from before and three new ones who joined us. The new kids, who are also younger, weren't quite sure what was going on but hopefully they'll get into it more as they get used to it. We did our same poses that we have been doing for a while to get the kids back into it. Kirsi did pretty well, considering she hasn't been wanting to do yoga with me for quite a while. Maybe this will get her back into the swing of things.

We also made a trip to Los Dominicos, a neat little handicraft market, to buy a gift for someone. We took Kirsi's monkey leash (or her "ee ee") and she wore it the whole time and wanted me to hold the tail. This was the easiest the leash has been - ever! I think she now thinks it's cool to have her monkey with her and she doesn't see it as being contained. Very nice!

First Week Back in the Routine

Last week was Derwin's first full week back at school so that meant Kirsi and I had to get back into a routine again. I was surprised at how easily both of us fell into that routine. We had lots of play time, at least one outing a day and when I had to get some work done, Kirsi played perfectly fine by herself. She loves playing outside with her sandbox. Since our time at the beach, she likes getting the sand wet, then making little animals out of it - crabs, turtles or fish. I'm so happy with how well she plays on her own; she is perfectly content to play by herself. She'll go outside and water the grass and plants if I turn the hose on for her, she'll make tea for herself and her babies, she'll get out a matching game and play with it.

On Tuesday and Thursday, I had physio appointments to try and get my back working again. The sessions did help. Putting a hot pack on my lower back and then massaging out the muscles were fantastic and something I can do at…

Videos of our trip to the South of Chile

I've been slowly getting video of our southern Chilean journey ready and have loaded some up to youtube. So far there are 18 videos online from various aspects of our wonderful trip.

There were so many highlights including volcanoes, beaches, ocean, forts, hiking, camping, churches and some of the most beautiful scenery that we've ever witnessed.

Here's a video of Kirsi talking and singing on one of the car trips:

Night #2

Last night was rougher for our little Kirsi Bear. She went to sleep quite well, which was great, but she woke up several times and was really disoriented and upset. I ended up going up and sleeping with her, thinking it would help calm her down. Not really. She woke me up quite a few times with her thrashing around. I eventually moved into the guest room and slept the rest of the night there. But she woke up at about 6:45 very happy so she obviously got enough sleep; it was just Der and I who didn't!

I love being able to have a housekeeper come in! Cecy did a fantastic job yesterday - she was so thorough and got the house looking fantastic. I mean, we cleaned it and all while we were nana-less but she really did a number on it. It looks great!!

Tonight, we're having friends over so I'm making these recipes (both from

Stuffed Basil Tomato Chicken
4 (6 ounce) boneless, skinless chicken breasts1/2 (12 ounce) bottle garlic and herb marinade16 fresh basil …

In a big girl's bed now!

We were busy last week picking out a bed for Kirsi and then all the bedding for her new room. The little room next to ours has been perfect for her pack 'n play but would be far too small for a bed so her new room is upstairs. We got her room ready - Der moved her bookshelf up, hung pictures on the wall, we got the blinds up and the closets rearranged. The bed was delivered on Sunday and then yesterday we got the bed rails up.

Yesterday was a tough sleeping day for Kirsi. It took her an hour and a half to go down for her nap (in her crib) and then two hours to go to sleep for the night. Wow! I guess she's had so many changes that she's a little wound up. She did really well once she was down. She only woke up once and I heard her right away so I went up. I rocked her and sang and she was out again in minutes. Then she slept till 7:00, which is quite late for our little Kirsi Bear. When she woke up, she was singing to her Pooh Bear. What a great way to wake up!! …

We're Back!!

We had a fantastic vacation to the south of Chile! We were gone for just over two weeks and it was great. We are just getting the pictures and videos uploaded and ready for your viewing pleasure. Once we do, we'll send out an email with the links. :)

We're now back into the swing of things. The house is clean and getting organized, the yard is looking good and the car is starting to feel refreshed after that long trip. Der goes back to work on Thursday (already!!) so we're just enjoying his last few days at home. I've been doing some tutoring with my Norwegian students and will do a couple more days, just to get them back into English mode.

While on the trip, we discovered that Kirsi is ready for a big girl bed. She started to refuse to sleep in her pack 'n play after we were camping so Daddy had to sleep on the floor while Mommy and Kirsi got the two twin beds at the cabin! So, we've been busy getting her new room ready. Her new bed will come tomorrow…