Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chilean Christmas


One of the tough aspects of being overseas is that we are often away from friends and family at Christmas time. This year was better because Dana's mother was out visiting from Avonlea and Uncle Trent came to visit from Vancouver.

To share our Christmas, and Kirsi's first 'real' Christmas where she could open gifts, we created a video and posted it online. You can download the video by clicking the Video link is a big file though (19.67 MB) and the video itself is rather small.


One of our pre-Christmas activities was a visit to the Veramonte vineyard west of Santiago in the Casablanca valley. Veramonte is known for it's white wines because the valley's climate is cooler and is subject to many fogs. We were able to get a tour of the vineyard, our second actually as we took Nana and Papa there during their visit to Chile. You can see more of our pictures of the vineyard and our other travels at our flickr site or at our ballofdirt site.

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