Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What a week!

It has been quite a week in the Kitch household. Saturday, we went to Pomaire, a small village known for its pottery. It's about an hour and a half from our house so it's a perfect day trip. We took Mom there because we knew it would be a place she'd love. We got there early enough to find a parking spot on the main street where most of the shops, workshops and restaurants are. We decided to have lunch first and it wasn't hard to find a place. In Pomaire, there are young people all the way down the main street handing out flyers for every restaurant. Derwin decided he was going to collect them all, whereas I just ignored everyone. We had a nice lunch at a cute restaurant and then the shopping began! There were little shops with pottery, leather goods, knick knacks, clothes, llama and alpaca scarves and purses. We only bought at two shops but we got some great things: a Mapuche mask, some Nativity scenes made of pottery, a copper etching picture, mortar and pestal made of a hard stone from the north of Chile and a head massager that Derwin is in love with.

Sunday, Derwin's good friend, Trent, arrived from Canada. He has wanted to come down to visit us since we got here but hasn't been able to find the time to come. So we're very happy to have him here with us to celebrate Christmas. Kirsi's reaction to him was so funny. She was super hyper and was showing off like crazy. She has NEVER been like that with someone she meets for the first time. Uncle Trent must have really charmed her!

Yesterday and today were big days in the kitchen. My friend, Julie, wanted to learn how to make perogies and since my mom is here, now was the time. So, we made the filling yesterday and today was the rolling, cutting and pinching day. We made far too much filling so now Mom and I will continue the perogy making tonight with some new dough. I LOVE perogies so it'll be great to have some on hand. I just hate making them by myself; but making them with someone else is fun.

Today was my last tutoring session for a few weeks. I've really enjoyed working one-on-one with the three kids I'm working with. It's great to see their progress week after week.

A quick update on the Santa picture...the second one turned out great and we found it very quickly. Now I need to scan it and then share it with everyone.

Well, it's time to go. Der has the pork chops barbecued and Mom has the mashed potatoes and green beans waiting.
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