Saturday, December 08, 2007

Santa Picture

Today we decided to attempt Kirsi's first picture with Santa. Since it's summertime here, Kirsi is dressed in a very summery outfit. We figured it would be a good souvenir of her first Christmas here - a Santa picture dressed in summer clothes! At the mall we went to, if you donate a gift for a needy child, the picture is free. We thought that was a really neat idea. They had a really neat display: a huge Christmas tree, a Nativity scene and tons of bears all over the place, including four big ones that moved. Kirsi thought it was all pretty cool. Santa Claus (el Viejito Pascuero here) was a sweet old man and he was really good with her. He waved to her and gave her hand a kiss to try and warm her up. Now we had anticipated a meltdown so we were prepared for the worst. When we tried to put her on Santa's knee, the tears began to flow. Before she got too upset, Santa said that Mommy could be in the picture. So, Kirsi's first Santa picture will be Santa, Kirsi and Mommy! When we pick up the picture later on this week, I'll try to post it on here.

My mom is finally getting over her cold but all three of us have one now. We're all feeling pretty lousy but hopefully this will be it for our household until the weather changes again in April! I just can't wait till I can taste and smell again!!!
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