Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Patio Bellavista

Today, Mom, Kirsi and I headed out to an area of town called Bellavista. It's considered the "bohemian" section of Santiago and there are a lot of cool little restaurants and shops there. There's a little shopping area tucked in behind the buildings on the street called Patio Bellavista and that's where we went. There are several handicraft shops there selling their goods - typical Chilean outfits, copper handicrafts, leather goods, t-shirts, books, pottery, jewellery - and a few cafes and restaurants to satisfy the hungry or thirsty shopper.

We had a good time looking over all the different things to buy. There are a few shops that sell jewellery made of silver and lapis lazuli, the dark blue stone found here and in Afghanistan. Copper is a huge industry here in Chile and there were a couple shops that sold copper handicrafts. At the leather shop, we could choose from cow leather, ostrich leather or salmon skin.

As usual, Kirsi was a charmer and the shopkeepers wanted to talk to her and give her a big kiss. She's so funny; she loves to wave to people and say "hi" or "hola". And this, of course, makes people's day. I wish I got the same reaction wherever I went!!
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