Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas to all!

We hope that you had a great Christmas and enjoyed spending time with your family and friends and some great food. We had a great Christmas this year, even though we weren't home with our families to celebrate. On Christmas Eve, we went to Mass and then our friends, Scott and Monica, invited a lot of people over for a "Buenanoche" celebration. There were about 20 people from the school community who came to celebrate together and it was wonderful. Kirsi had a great time playing with Agustina, her little friend, and running around. She lasted until 10:00, absolutely unheard of for our little girl.

On Christmas morning, we started the gift opening just after 7:00. Uncle Trent and Gramma got up early and were ready for the festivities. Surprisingly enough, it was really chilly out; it made it feel more like Christmas for us Canadians! At first, Kirsi wasn't too sure what to do with all the gifts but she soon got into opening her presents and delivering gifts to people. There was one that I thought was a bit tough so I went to help her and she said, "No! Kirsi!!" Too funny. She got lots of great presents but the highlights were her little microwave, her cleaning set and her very own laptop. In the afternoon, we had Scott, Monica and Agustina over for an early dinner. The girls had a lot of fun together again and Kirsi was so excited to have Agus over. We had a great visit with them and enjoyed a relaxing time together.

For Boxing Day, we had a very chilled out day. Kirsi had fun playing with her different toys, helping Daddy clean the car and helping Mommy and Gramma sweep. We enjoyed eating the Christmas leftovers and all the goodies. At 6:30 we went over to Julie, Nathan, Gracie and Ryan's place for dessert. We had a great dessert spread: chocolate fondue, homemade peach ice cream, fresh fruit, sugar cookies and Nanaimo bars. Yummy! It was a beautiful evening out so the kids jumped on the trampoline and the adults had a good visit.
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