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Merry Christmas to all!

We hope that you had a great Christmas and enjoyed spending time with your family and friends and some great food. We had a great Christmas this year, even though we weren't home with our families to celebrate. On Christmas Eve, we went to Mass and then our friends, Scott and Monica, invited a lot of people over for a "Buenanoche" celebration. There were about 20 people from the school community who came to celebrate together and it was wonderful. Kirsi had a great time playing with Agustina, her little friend, and running around. She lasted until 10:00, absolutely unheard of for our little girl.

On Christmas morning, we started the gift opening just after 7:00. Uncle Trent and Gramma got up early and were ready for the festivities. Surprisingly enough, it was really chilly out; it made it feel more like Christmas for us Canadians! At first, Kirsi wasn't too sure what to do with all the gifts but she soon got into opening her presents and delivering gifts to …

What a week!

It has been quite a week in the Kitch household. Saturday, we went to Pomaire, a small village known for its pottery. It's about an hour and a half from our house so it's a perfect day trip. We took Mom there because we knew it would be a place she'd love. We got there early enough to find a parking spot on the main street where most of the shops, workshops and restaurants are. We decided to have lunch first and it wasn't hard to find a place. In Pomaire, there are young people all the way down the main street handing out flyers for every restaurant. Derwin decided he was going to collect them all, whereas I just ignored everyone. We had a nice lunch at a cute restaurant and then the shopping began! There were little shops with pottery, leather goods, knick knacks, clothes, llama and alpaca scarves and purses. We only bought at two shops but we got some great things: a Mapuche mask, some Nativity scenes made of pottery, a copper etching picture, mortar and …

Santa Picture a No-Go

Yesterday, I went to pick up Kirsi's Santa picture at the mall on my way home from mosaics class. The guy at the photo store and I looked through hundreds of photos and spent 10 minutes looking for our picture but it wasn't there! Can you believe it?! Anyways, we have to go back to get the picture taken again. :( I'm sad that we won't have her first Santa picture but what to do?

On Saturday afternoon, Kirsi got her first haircut. She sat so still for Grandma and was a great little customer! It's amazing the difference a little bit of hair gone makes!

Santa Picture

Today we decided to attempt Kirsi's first picture with Santa. Since it's summertime here, Kirsi is dressed in a very summery outfit. We figured it would be a good souvenir of her first Christmas here - a Santa picture dressed in summer clothes! At the mall we went to, if you donate a gift for a needy child, the picture is free. We thought that was a really neat idea. They had a really neat display: a huge Christmas tree, a Nativity scene and tons of bears all over the place, including four big ones that moved. Kirsi thought it was all pretty cool. Santa Claus (el Viejito Pascuero here) was a sweet old man and he was really good with her. He waved to her and gave her hand a kiss to try and warm her up. Now we had anticipated a meltdown so we were prepared for the worst. When we tried to put her on Santa's knee, the tears began to flow. Before she got too upset, Santa said that Mommy could be in the picture. So, Kirsi's first Santa picture will be Santa, Ki…


Ever since moving overseas I've seen some extreme cases of poverty and human suffering, especially with the tsunami in Sri Lanka. It makes one realize how lucky we truly are and I definitely appreciate what I have more than ever.

The main lesson that our relief work with tsunami refugees taught me was that an incredible amount of good can be done by one person or smaller organizations.

There have been some websites and organizations that have started up lately that make it really easy and in some cases free to donate money.

Sites such as freerice or thehungersite donate money every time you click on them. They get the money from businesses who advertise on their site. In freerice's case, you have to answer a vocabulary question and if you get it right, you donate 20 grains of rice.

Then there are sites such as kiva and Heifer International where you can loan (kiva) or give (Heifer) money. With kiva, you can loan money to people in developing nations who will use the money to …

Patio Bellavista

Today, Mom, Kirsi and I headed out to an area of town called Bellavista. It's considered the "bohemian" section of Santiago and there are a lot of cool little restaurants and shops there. There's a little shopping area tucked in behind the buildings on the street called Patio Bellavista and that's where we went. There are several handicraft shops there selling their goods - typical Chilean outfits, copper handicrafts, leather goods, t-shirts, books, pottery, jewellery - and a few cafes and restaurants to satisfy the hungry or thirsty shopper.

We had a good time looking over all the different things to buy. There are a few shops that sell jewellery made of silver and lapis lazuli, the dark blue stone found here and in Afghanistan. Copper is a huge industry here in Chile and there were a couple shops that sold copper handicrafts. At the leather shop, we could choose from cow leather, ostrich leather or salmon skin.

As usual, Kirsi was a charmer and the shopkee…

My First Time

I'm new to the blog world. But I decided that since I'm not writing regular emails anymore, this may be the best way to keep in touch. Let's see how well I do at this!

This week was a crazy week for us. Monday, we had the fumigators come to get our house and yard ready for summer. Last year, we had a problem with snails and wasps in our yard so we wanted to try to avoid them again. Last summer, we found two scorpions in our house (!) and I don't want to come across any more this year. It was a lot of work getting things put away and covered before they came. After they had finished, they laundry began. Even though we had done lots to get ready for them, there still was a ton of washing to do. I was at it until Friday!! Wednesday, they came back and cleaned the carpets on the main level of the house. There were some horrible stains in the dining room - why anyone puts carpet in a dining room is beyond me! - and it was time to get rid of them.

Then Friday, my mo…