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Family Tree

Currently, we have over 2000 names in our family tree. For privacy reasons, we do not post our family tree. If you think that you may be related, please email derwink (at) for more information.Most of our family is in western Canada. Much of our ancestry is Germanic in origin.The most common names in our family tree are:Frequent Surnames
Kitsch(167), Miller(102), Howse(53)Haberstock(47), Wagner(42), Keats(41), Clapham(40), Moris(39), Lee(35), Tompkin(32), Koch(30), Kitch(29), Morris(28), Schaefer(28), Taylor(24), Nerbas(23), McConnel(21), Dietrich(20), Schmidt(17), Adams(15), Grindle(15), Andres(14), Haberman(14), Dunkley(13), Holland(13), Antichow(12), Bassett(12), Giest(12), Thomas(12), Zamzow(12), Andrews(11), Ash(11), Jobst(11), Lasuik(11), Scott(11), Heron(10), Kendel(10), Watson(10)Thompson(9), Zika(9), ?(8), Bell(8), Brown(8), Gore(8), …